Purchase & FAQ

How can I purchase an Adam Long Original sculpture?

 Adam Long Sculpture Studio Buy directly from the artist’s studio to add a unique sculpture to your art collection.

These Galleries Represent many Adam Long sculptures.  Visit them today!

The Hunter-Wolff Gallery in Colorado Springs, CO

The Missouri Artists on Main Gallery in St. Charles, MO

       Stone Soup Galleries in Chesterfield, MO

The HeARTland Gallery in Hillsboro, IL

How can I commission a unique sculpture?

Adam is happy to work with you on a unique project tailored to your needs.  He has created pieces using natural materials from specific tracts of land as well as wedding and anniversary gifts with particular individuals in mind.  Simply contact him giving a brief idea of what you are interested in having created.

Can I purchase images of Adam Long Sculptures?

Adam Long has partnered with FineArtAmerica.com/Pixels.com  to offer images of his unique artwork as prints of any size and on objects of various kinds, from Fine Art Prints to phone cases.  Enjoy browsing through the available images and items.  The printing is high quality, produced quickly and shipped to your door.

How are these sculptures made?

The magic of these pieces is the illusion that they are living beings that have a life of their own.
Adam’s challenge is to find a balance between the natural and the anatomical forms which unifies the character.  The sculptures usually begin in one of two ways.  Either Adam is inspired by the form and texture of a natural object which guides the concept of the piece or he has a specific concept he wants to communicate and finds natural objects that fit the theme and form he dictates.

Are the sculptures strong?

Yes!  The sculptures are very strong.  The main material is oak with steel reinforcement throughout.  All of the natural elements have been preserved and strengthened through a variety of means specific to each type of object.  The sculpting compound created by the artist to unify the natural elements is very strong and flexible.  The very first experiments conducted decades ago in these materials were intended to be ephemeral and decay quickly.   Instead they have lasted with no discernible change and Adam now makes efforts to ensure that all the contemporary works will last indefinitely.

What are the sculptures about?

Adam Long’s sculptures explore the intersections of humankind and the natural world.  He asks: What does it mean to be human in a natural environment?  What would it feel like to be a closer part of nature?

Will Adam teach me to make art?

YES!  Adam offers classes and workshops throughout the year.  Most of these are in the Greater St. Louis area, but he does travel with his exhibits.  To get the information: The best way is to sign up on the  Adam Long Sculpture e-mailing list, or visit the MAOM Gallery to see what Adam is offering there, or follow on Facebook and Instagram