Adam Long Sculpture:   What is a Natural Figure Sculpture?

There is a long history of artists using natural materials to create their art. Nature Art, Earth Art, Stick Art, Earthworks and Environmental art are all contemporary names for art methods that have been around for centuries. The Environmental art Adam Long creates takes the form, most often, of figure sculptures created from natural and recycled materials. Contemporary Environmental Art often has a political or social message. Adam’s sculptures more often celebrate a love of natural forms, examine man’s interactions with nature, how science helps us understand our environment and what it means to be a human who needs the natural world. He hopes that people are drawn in by the wonder of what and how he has created these sculptures into the greater depths the works offer.

Despite their delicate appearance these sculptures are very strong. They begin with the use of very durable oak branches joined together with steel. Then very strong clay is used to model the forms and unify the branches into a harmonious figure. This clay is made from 100% post-consumer recycled paper. Adam Long makes it himself to ensure the quality, texture and strength is worthy of the artwork. Delicate items such as fungus or leaves are strengthened and preserved before sculpting and finally the sculpture is thoroughly sealed upon completion with a clear, matte, UV resistant finish sealant to help insure longevity and halt changes of the natural elements.

Adam Long has been making natural art for many years now, but even the first experiments show virtually no change and no sign of decay. They should be kept inside away from direct sunlight just as you would a painting.

Caring for a Natural Figurative Sculpture, as with any work of art, requires gentleness. Careful dusting is all that it will need. Putting the sculpture in a curio removes the need for even this small maintenance.

When cleaning a Natural Figurative Sculpture use a clean, facial powder brush for any delicate areas (usually the hair). For the rest of the sculpture a vacuum cleaner hose with the brush attachment can be used to vacuum the sculpture clean. A can of compressed air works also. They are very durable. Using a good quality air cleaner in your home will reduce the amount of dust the sculpture collects and will be good for your health as well.